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Monday, June 9, 2008

Walking In The Dark


My dear friend, D., was on vacation last week. One of her favorite things was going into some caves (with a guide, of course!). She said at one point the guide turned out all the lights and it was so dark - so totally dark - that she could not see her hand in front of her nose. It would have been terrifying had she not been with an experienced guide who could flip a switch and the lights would come back on.

I thought about her story in Sunday school yesterday. We discussed the question, "God, do you really care when I'm afraid?" We concentrated on trusting You, God, and stepping out into the unknown when You tell us to. Stepping out of our comfort zone and into the unknown in obedience to You, Lord. We read lots of Scripture passages that show us that Jesus is the Light of God. If we're walking with Jesus, we don't have to fear the dark - the unknown.

It's like walking through a pitch black cave, Lord. Far up ahead we see a pinhole of daylight. But we're stepping into total darkness. Each step is fearful. We have to take it slow and put each foot down carefully checking to be sure there's solid rock underneath us. Walking in the dark is scary. But, if we have a trusted guide walking before us, leading the way to that beam of light it takes some of the fear out of the journey.

You're our Light, Jesus. And our Guide. Help us to take it slow and easy listening for Your footsteps. Holding onto Your shirttail as we walk in obedience to You into some unknown darkness.

Help us to trust You more than we fear the dark.


Fear paralyzes. Stretching your foot out into the unknown is terrifying. But, remember, Little One, you're not lost in a cave. You're not alone in the dark when you have Jesus in your life. Even if you can't see Me, you can trust Me. You can hear My footsteps. You can hear My voice. Stay close enough that you can hear My breathing. I'll take you safely home.