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Monday, June 23, 2008

Unmistakably You


We had a wonderful weekend, Lord. I've so much to thank You for today. A safe journey - again. Great weather while we were in FL. Some much needed rain while we were there. We saw J.'s brother, sister, & sister-in-law and all were well. They are such loving people. Thank You, God, for letting me be part of their family.

And my family reunion was wonderful. We all had a lot of fun. We spent about 6 hrs eating (I gained at least 5 lbs.) talking, laughing, reminiscing about way back when, getting to know the teenagers in our family, and watching the toddler-aged grands & great-grands play.

Most of all, Lord, I want to thank You for yet another miraculous intervention. Z. had a horrible accident Friday. But You spared his life in a way that is so unmistakably You. It could have ended tragically for us. We could have spent the weekend at a funeral home, but You chose to spare Z.s life on earth for a while longer. Thank You.

Now, Lord, I pray that every member of my family will recognize Your loving hand in Z.s life and surrender their's over to You.


Z. is one of my special, precious children. I'd love to have him join Me here in heaven, but, well, I have some important work for him to do on earth first. You'll see. As he grows up you'll see.