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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Standing At The Door


This morning, Lord, I was reading James 5. Verses 7 - 9 caught my attention. "Be patient, then, brothers, until the Lord's coming." Be patient like a farmer waiting for seeds to sprout, plants to grow, fruit to form, then ripen.

Be patient through flood and through drought. Be patient through heat and through frost. Be patient through beetles and cutworms. Stay busy tending the garden where God has planted you while you wait for the harvest.

But the last part of verse 9 surprised me. I never really noticed it before. "The Judge is standing at the door!"

I suppose every generation of Christians has thought that Jesus is coming back any day now. I, and many of my contemporaries, believe He'll return to earth soon, Lord. Of course, only YOU know exactly when. But Jesus is standing at the threshold between time and eternity with His hand on the doorknob. He's waiting and watching for Your sign, Father. Maybe You'll nod to Him. Or maybe You'll point toward earth. Maybe You'll call out, "Son, it's time." However You signal Him, He's ready.

I can imagine Jesus standing there, anxious, His steed is saddled and bridled, He's dressed up, packed up, and ready to go. He's just waiting on Your signal, Father, to come and get those who've trusted in Him alone for their salvation to take us home to Heaven.


Be patient while you're waiting for Jesus to usher you Home. Get your spiritual bags packed full of Jesus. Like the farmer, stay busy while you're waiting. Be patient. But be ready.