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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Spiritual Hunger


In yesterday's mail we received three newsletters from three different ministries we support. It's good, Lord, to read of the work they are doing. It's exciting to read of the work that YOU are doing around the world. People around the world are hungry for Your Word, Your Truth, Lord.

And they are just plain hungry, too. Their bodies suffer hunger and deprivation around the world. So many needs, Lord. It is gratifying to play a tiny part in meeting those needs and proclaiming Your message of hope and life.

But the need for Jesus isn't just "over there" is it, God? All around me the need for the Gospel grows greater each day. Help me to stand up and speak out about Christ who can meet every person's deepest need.


Needing the Gospel and being hungry for it are two different things. Every human needs to hear and accept the Gospel of Jesus. But those whose lives are comfortable and safe often don't hunger for it. They think their spiritual bellies are full because their physical lives are full of stuff and activities and good causes.

Sometimes the only way for people to hunger for Me is to have everything else stripped away in their lives - where ever they live on the earth. Making them hungry is My department. Giving them the Bread of Life - Jesus - is yours.