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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Plan, schmlan...


Yesterday was a frustrating day, Lord. I set the day aside to run errands. I had my agenda. Every thing was planned to maximize my time and my gasoline-usage. But my first errand (on which my second errand depended) fell through. I had ordered photos online. When I went to the store to pick them up their photo printer was down. I tried to stay calm and reconfigure my agenda. I asked them to transfer my order to a different store location. Nope. I called several times. Nope. I needed those photos to complete an important and time sensitive project. But last night their printer was still down.

So I finished my other errands (BTW, thank You, God, for that special little blessing You gave me yesterday!). I altered my plan again and went home to work on other aspects of my project. After several hours of trying to force my computer to do what it wouldn't do I learned that a piece of vital software has "disappeared" from my computer.

I wanted to scream. Actually, I DID scream, didn't I? But at least I screamed at my computer instead of another human being. I need to ask forgiveness for that impatience, don't I?

My orderly, carefully considered plans flew out the window. I'm ashamed to admit that my first reaction was to be frustrated and irritated. You know how I love to make advance plans and watch the details I've laid out fall beautifully into place, Lord. But not this time. This time You have other ideas, don't You? For this particular project my detailed planning isn't going to succeed.

Forgive me for putting my need to control the details of my life ahead of what You might have planned for me, Lord. Forgive me for not seeing those roadblocks as Your divine intervention in my life. Please point me in Your direction. Please lead me down the path You want me to take for this project. I lay it at Your feet, Lord. It's not MY plan anymore. I ask You to complete it Your way, in Your timing, for Your glory - or not. Whatever is YOUR plan.


Come here, Little Girl. Climb up on Daddy's lap and just breathe. I'll fix your broken toy or I'll give you a different one, a new one, a better one. You just rest while I take care of the details.