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Friday, June 27, 2008

Peaches Again!


I've been watching my peaches, Lord, with eager anticipation. My tree is heavily loaded with them. True, they are quite small, but they are beginning to blush. In a few days I should be able to pick them and see if they are as succulent as I've been hoping they will.

But last evening when I inspected them horror struck. My tree and my precious peaches were being ingested by those dreaded Japanese beetles! I know I'm supposed to love all the creatures You made, Lord. But I HATE those beetles.

They are tiny, iridescent demons. They swarm into our yards by the thousands and destroy everything that is beautiful or fruitful! Last year was the worst year we've ever seen for those little vermin. They stripped every rosebush on our street. This year they have already devastated my neighbors gorgeous grapevines. They've disfigured his rose bushes and stripped them of hundreds of scarlet flowers.

Now, they are after my peaches!

And nothing, nothing is effective at stopping them. We dust, we spray, we buy little beetle traps. We rub garlic on leaves and plant marigolds and make all kinds of noble efforts but they just keep coming in droves. It seems they are intent upon defoliating and de-blossoming and de-fruiting every living thing in our yards. We need some new, magic formula to rescue us from these voracious, insatiable Japanese beetles!

It just hit me, God. Wow! What a picture of Satan and his work. He comes at us from every angle. He barrages us with temptations and juicy opportunities to fall into sinful habits and patterns. He destroys everything he touches and strips our lives of beauty. And nothing we can do is effective at stopping him, it seems.

Nothing, that is, but You, Lord Jesus. You are the remedy for sin. You are the cure, the "magic formula". You stop Satan's ravaging in our lives and restore greenness and beauty and fruitfulness to us. When we apply Your saving blood to our lives, when we accept Your solution for our sin-sickness You make us whole and beautiful.


You got it! There is a remedy to all the ills of your world. That remedy is My Son, Jesus Christ. It sounds simplistic, I know. But that's My plan. Keep it simple. Keep it so simple that any human can simply ask Jesus to come into his/her life and take away the sin that is destroying him or her. It's so simple it's brilliant. And it works.