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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Into The Impossible


Lord, I'm reading about Simon Peter - specifically about the time he walked on water. He asked You to give him permission to do the impossible. He said, "If it be You, call me..." You did. You called Peter to step out of the security of the boat and to walk on the angry waves with You. His faith in You became a bigger reality than the waves, the wind, even the force of gravity.

Lord, You know I'm working on a project. I want to step out of the security of what I've been doing into the waves. I want others to see us do the impossible because You called us to do it. I want, like Peter, to be so focused on You that I don't see the waves or feel the force of the wind. And I'm not there yet, Lord. Peter did the impossible for just a moment. He demonstrated that You are a greater reality than the forces of nature that made his task impossible.

Lord, I'm asking You to defy the things that make this project impossible. I want this project to demonstrate - if for just a moment - that You are a greater reality than the things that seem to make this project impossible.


Peter had enough faith - just a little faith, according to Jesus' words - just a grain of faith (about the size of a mustard seed) - to step into the impossible when Jesus called him to do it. That's such a tiny bit of faith, but it was focused on Me and My tremendous power.

How about you, Little One? Are you focused on the project or on Me? Come on. Take the first step into the impossible.