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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

In Focus


Years ago I received a Nikon 35 mm camera for a gift. Boy! Did I enjoy that thing. It had so many settings and dials, lenses and filters. It wasn't easy taking perfect photos like it is now with digital cameras. Every setting had to be fine tuned for every shot. It took me months to learn how to get every setting focused in harmoniously. Oh, don't get me wrong, Lord. I love my new digital camera. With the Nikon I had to take ten shots of a subject to be sure I would get one great photo that was perfectly focused. That was the secret. All the settings had to be perfectly & harmoniously focused to get perfect pictures.

Lord, You know I have a tendency to get my writing life out of focus. I get scattered. I get excited about too many projects at the same time. That leads to my being overwhelmed. I need to learn to focus in on the projects You want me to tackle and finish. Help me to get Your plan for my writing into focus. I don't like it when I wind up with ten different manuscripts and none of them are clear and perfectly focused, or worse yet, none of them get finished.

I do that in other areas of my life, too. I start too many good projects, then wind up struggling to finish them well. Teach me the discipline of finding Your focus for my life and staying there.


When Jesus lived on earth He was involved in many "projects." Every day He worked different miracles, touched different people, taught different lessons. But Jesus came to earth with ONE focus, ONE goal. He came to save lost people, to reconcile all of you to Me. No matter what His task was at any given moment He was always focused on the ONE mission of His life.

Do you know yours, Little One? If you know My mission & purpose for your life, sift every decision through it. Like a lens focuses light to produce a clear photo image, focusing every project and decision through My purpose for you will produce a beautiful life.