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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Golden Fruit


There are a couple of mystery plants in my vegetable garden, Lord. I have tomato vines. They are covered with tiny yellow blossoms that I recognize. And the cucumber vines have finger-sized cukes on them. Several kinds of lettuce, cabbage, and ...something. I don't remember planting anything that looks like this. It's a mystery.

So, I'll let them grow until I can figure out what they are or until it's time to harvest. Then I'll be able to tell whether they are veggies or weeds.

It reminds me of what You said in the Bible (Matthew 13) about the wheat and the tares. They look the same until it's time to harvest. Only then, when the wheat ripens and has a head of golden grain, will the farmer know for sure which are good wheat, and which are weeds - tares.

Lord, I want my life to bear fruit. I want You and everyone to be able to recognize that I belong to Jesus.


How can they do that, Little One?

By the fruit on display in your life. Do others look at you and see generosity or greed? Do they see gentleness or rudeness? Do they see love all over your words and actions or selfishness? When the winds of life blow over you, do people see peace, faith, and hope? Or do they see fear, anxiety, and despair?

The fruit of your life gives you away. Only those who have placed their faith in Jesus will bear golden fruit.