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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Diving Angels


God, I know I told You thank you yesterday for Z.'s rescue. But I can't get over how grateful I am! Lord, I know You have a special purpose for this little guy's life. Help my sister, T. as she guides him, loves him, teaches him. Help her to take courage in knowing You have a special plan for his life.

Z.'s a special child. In Your great wisdom You saw fit to let him be born different from most other kids. He has special needs, but he has special gifts, too. He's always asking questions about the Bible and choices people make and wanting to know what You have to say about situations. Thank You, God, that his spirit is so tuned in to Yours.

Lord, I want to thank You again for those angels that were in the boat with Z. on Friday. I don't know if angels like to swim or not. But I know they CAN swim. And they can dive, too. Z. and his friends were speeding across the water Friday enjoying the thrill. Then they hit a wake and Z. went flying out of the boat. He splashed into the lake directly in the path of the engine and its propellers.

In my imagination I can see it clearly, Lord. Z.'s angels didn't even kick off their sandals. They dove right into the lake with him, tucked his head, and pushed him into a somersault. Thank You, God, for diving angels. Thank you, that years from now Z.'s only reminder of this accident will be a slight limp and some toes that don't work correctly.

And thank You, God, for all the people who helped him. The quick thinking of his friends. The EMS people. The many specialists who saw him at three different hospitals. And T. Thank You, God, for T.


Everything in Z'.s life has a purpose, Little Girl. Nothing will be wasted. I plan to get a lot of glory out of his life on this earth. You'll see. Watch him grow and you'll see.