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Monday, June 30, 2008

Digging Deeper


I meet with a group of ladies every Sunday morning, Lord. Together we try to dig deeper into Your Word. We try to peel back the layers of the people You chose to highlight in Your Word. It's easy to think of them as flat, as just characters in a story or play. But when we dare to try to imagine their situations and emotions we can connect with them on a deeper level.

For me, that means I can see them as real people with the same emotions and reactions that I have. There are huge cultural differences between the people who lived during the times recorded in Your Word and those of us who live in 21st Century America. So, I try to research those cultural differences and lay them out before the ladies in our group. It makes the words in Your Word somehow more applicable to our daily lives.

Thank you, God, for those wonderful ladies. We come together with our insights and questions. We bring them to each other and to You. Together we are finding the clues in Your Word to our living for Your pleasure. Together we are spurring each other on to doing that.

Thank You, Holy Spirit, for being our Guide as we explore the depths of Your Word and apply it to our shallow lives.


My Word. It really is an intricate painting of Me, you know. It reveals to you, in a language that you can understand, bits and pieces of who I am. Bits and pieces. Not until you stand in My presence in eternity will you be able to understand Me fully. But for now, those bits and pieces are enough to completely transform your lives on earth. Keep digging. Keep searching for the treasures buried in My Word until you stand face to face with the greatest Treasure, Jesus.