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Friday, June 13, 2008

A Dazzling Display


This morning, Lord, I'm thanking You for answering an urgent prayer yesterday. You spared a young man's life when the doctors were saying there was little hope. That was the first half of our earnest prayers for him. Thank You for giving him another chance.

But, for months (years for his parents and grandparents) we've been praying that you will invade his life and radically change some things. We've been asking You to free him from addictions that have tormented him for years. Lord, we're asking that You turn his life upside down, then right side-up, and take control of it. We're asking You to use his changed life for Your own pleasure and glory.

This young man's problems are obvious to anyone who knows him. His addictions are glaring. They are dragging him down the path to self-destruction. But what about the rest of us, Lord? Though our sins may be more subtle, more easily hidden from other people, they are just as detestable to You. Our self-centered lives are dragging us down also.

Invade our complacent existence, Lord, and radically change some things. Turn our lives upside-down, then right side-up and take control. Use our changed lives for Your own pleasure and glory.


That's why I created each of you. To bring Me pleasure and to put My glory on display like a masterpiece in a museum. I want My glory to shine through you and dazzle everyone who watches your lives.

So, start dazzling.