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Monday, June 2, 2008

Call My Name


M. and D.L. spent the entire weekend with us. We had fun and both of them seemed to feel safe, happy, and contented while their Mom & Dad were away. They trust us completely.

Lord, help me to feel safe, happy, & contented in You wherever You put me, too.

D.L. is 18 months old. He's been saying words for several months now. But this weekend, for the first time, he said my "name." He's been calling me mama, and maw, and maw-maw. He's even called me papa a few times. But Saturday, in the middle of the night, he awoke and started calling for me; he said meme perfectly 10 - 12 times. I wanted to run to his crib, snatch him up, and hug & kiss him.

It's a wonderful feeling when someone we love or respect calls us by name. When they do, it somehow makes us feel important. To know that they know who we are, that they recognize our individual worth and identity, that they've taken the trouble to remember our name - well, it is gratifying.

Something that is incredibly more wonderful is the knowledge that You know us by name. We don't have a 9 digit number with you. We don't have an alpha-numeric identifier with you. You know each of us by name. Scripture says that those of us who are saved will find our names carved in the palms of Your hands. You record our names in Your Books. Our names are precious to You because each of us is precious to You. It makes me want to jump up, run to You, and hug & kiss You, Lord.


That thrill gives you a tiny taste of how exhilarated I feel each time one of you bows your heart and calls Me by name, Little One. Jehovah - God. Lord - Jesus - Immanuel - God with us - Savior. Holy Spirit - Comforter - Guide. Anytime, day or night, I love to hear My children call Me by name.