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Thursday, June 12, 2008



The windows in our house are tinted. It really keeps the glare down & makes us a little more energy efficient. But, when the sun is shining, it also makes the windows reflective on the outside. So, periodically some of the little birds we feed in our back yard charge into the window trying to shoo away what they think is a rival bird. They are actually attacking their own reflections.

Monday morning a beautiful bird started charging at his reflection. He did it over and over all day long. And he's still doing it. Fifty or so times each day I hear his beak tap loudly on my kitchen window. I have to admit he's a persistent little thing. And determined. And thoroughly convinced not only that he sees an intruder, but that he's going to eliminate him. He's a bird of unflinching conviction.

I sympathize with him. I've been that bird several times in my life. Persistent. Consistent. Determined. Inexhaustible as I charged head first into something I perceived incorrectly. But, sadly, like that little bird, many times I just kept on flapping my wings and beating my head against a window pane.

It seems that he would eventually learn that he's mistaken, or that he's destined to fail against that bird reflection. But he just keeps on charging at it. He just keeps on making the same mistake dozens of times each day. I fear he's going to crack his beak, or my window, eventually.

I've been there. Making the same mistake over and over. Committing the same sin over and over. Handling relationships the same errant way over and over. Oh, Lord, I wish he'd learn how wrong he is before he gets hurt.


Unlike that little bird, you have My Holy Spirit living within you. He can teach you. He can show you how to stop doing it wrong over and over. He can guide you to learning the right ways to think and behave and handle relationships. Read My Word. Open your spiritual "ears" and listen to what He tells your heart as you read. Learn from your mistakes.

Don't be a bird-brain.