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Friday, May 23, 2008

We Can't Understand


Lord, I heard yesterday that a famous Christian music artist's little 5 year old daughter died in a tragic accident. My heart goes out to him, his wife, his other children, the entire extended family. Lord, wrap Your arms around them and comfort them, please. Whisper soothing words in their ears. Don't let their grief destroy them. Rather, let it drive them into Your arms.

I understand that they adopted this beautiful little girl into their home. They rescued her from a distant land, from a life of poverty and deprivation. They scooped her up into their hearts and she became truly their beloved child. Now You have scooped her up into Your everlasting arms, Lord.

We are such feeble-minded individuals, Lord. We can't begin to understand why You do what You do, or how the events of our lives fall into Your sovereign wisdom. We can only fall at Your feet and say, "You are God alone, You are Lord, You are Master," and surrender our broken hearts to You.


I know, I really do know how they are hurting. I've already wrapped My arms around them. I'm already holding them next to My heart and whispering a gentle lullaby into their wounded hearts.