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Friday, May 30, 2008

The Solution


Lord, I want to thank you for Renae. I've never met her face-to-face. I've never touched her hand. But we are connected by this amazing, complex relational tool called the Internet - cyberspace. And we are connected, not by our blood families, but by being in Your family together. Yesterday she shared her heart here in a comment. She pulled back the veil and let all of us see how You took a terrible situation, a heart-breaking time in her life, and used it for Your glory and for her good. Your solution to that puzzle has brought her inexplicable joy.

I pray you'll continue to bless her family - her husband, her children and grandchildren and their children. You've already blessed them, really. You've given them Renae.

Lord, we don't like puzzles when it comes to life. We think we like to have everything solved and resolved and all of our little ducks in neat little rows. But, in the middle of the puzzles, in the middle of the confusion, and even in the middle of the incomprehensible, the horrible - we find You.

You don't hold the solution to life's puzzles. You ARE the solution.


Little One, now you see through a glass that is smudged, dirty, dark. But when this life is over and you are living in eternity you'll see clearly. You'll know and understand everything clearly, even as I do.

Meanwhile, like Renae said, just trust Me.