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Monday, May 12, 2008

The Solid Rock


You remember, Lord, a few years ago we lived in a house surrounded by trees. They were beautiful, green, lush. But a couple of years after we built that house we noticed a few trees starting to lose their leaves in the summer. The bark began to flake off. The tip-tops of the trees turned brown. We'd been warned by our builder that construction can destroy the root systems of trees, so we called a tree specialist to examine them. Sure enough, six of our tallest, most beautiful trees had to be removed. Even though some of them looked fine on the outside the specialist recognized the signs that they were dying on the inside.

Why? Their roots had been damaged by the construction on our site. That damage had weakened those trees and made them vulnerable to disease. Even though they looked good on the outside, our trees were slowly being destroyed on the inside. If we hadn't been warned, or if we hadn't paid attention to the warning, we might have been awakened one windy night by a tree crashing onto our house. That could have been disastrous.

I think our country is like those trees, God. Everything has looked great on the outside for a long time. We enjoy prosperity in our country that most of the world's population can't even imagine. But philosophical diseases like hedonism, materialism, pluralism, and humanism have been secretly destroying us under the surface. We haven't paid attention to Your warnings and now, the leaves are falling all around us.

Lord, prepare us. Prepare Christians to deal with the overt cultural changes in ways that will honor You. Prepare us to prepare our children and our grandchildren to trust You, love You, serve You and Your Word when the cultural landscape changes.


Everything on the earth is temporary, remember? Change is the only certainty in the physical realm. But all that is eternal will remain the same. My Word never changes. I never change. I am Your solid Rock. When the trees come crashing down around you run to the Rock and you'll be safe.