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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So Many Needs


Thank you, Lord, for listening and answering the prayers of my heart. I keep a written prayer list and it's pages are filled with names of people I love, people I hardly know, people I've never met, organizations, ministries, and political and civil issues. Work in and through the people on this list to accomplish Your divine purposes, Lord. Be glorified in their needs and in the ways You supply them.

Lord, I pray foremost for their salvation – those on my list who are lost. I pray You’ll work through their circumstances to draw them to Yourself, Jesus. Help me to know when to open my mouth and speak the gospel to them, and when to be silent and live it before them.

I pray for our children and grandchildren to fall madly in love with You, Jesus, and live their lives giving to You, honoring You, trusting You – not trying to use You.

I pray for our oldest grandchild as she enters her teen years. I pray she’ll trust You, have confidence in You, depend on You. Lord, keep her from all the people, habits, and things that can destroy her life. I pray for our younger grandchildren to be safe and pure and to get saved when they are old enough. I pray for our daughter & son-in-law, for our son & daughter-in-law, to seek You in their marriages.

I pray for J.s many health issues. Lord, as his body weakens I pray that his faith in You will strengthen.

So many needs are represented on the pages of my list:

Financial needs
Safety on the job & as they grow up
Traveling mercies
Spiritual growth
Strength & courage
Healing - physical, emotional, relational
America’s future
The continuing conflict in the Middle East

Lord, be glorified in these situations and in our lives.


Keep praying for these people. I'm still listening and I'm still working behind the scenes so that the lives represented by those name and those needs will fulfil My purposes and glorify Me. Remember, their happiness isn't My chief goal. But it will be a by-product of their living lives that glorify Me. Keep praying.