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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Raised From The Dead


This morning I was reading about Your raising Lazarus from the dead, Lord. In the margin of my Bible is a thought provoking question: If I could raise one person from the dead, who would it be?

Our son? My Daddy? My brother whom I never met? My Grandmother? My dear friend, C.? Would it be someone "important" like Einstein? or J.F.K? or Moses?

Or would it be L.? I fear that he died lost. He told me more than once that he wanted absolutely nothing to do with You. If that is true, then death wasn't a door opening into paradise for him. I'm confident that death was a chute that sent him falling, falling, ever falling into a bottomless pit we call hell.

If I could call him back from the dead, would his heart be open to You now, Jesus?


It's a good thing that only I have the power to give life to your bodies. What kind of madness would result if you humans could do that? Likewise, I alone have the power to give life to your spirits. There is only one way to live on in eternal paradise after this body dies. That one way is through my Son, Jesus.

Your job, Little One, is to proclaim that truth to everyone you can before death strikes.