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Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Puzzle


My sister, T., sent me a puzzle. Simple. Find X number of the names of the books in the Bible in a paragraph. She found most of them, but couldn't find the last 2. So, last night I tried for about 2 hours to find them. I found one, but that last one was driving both of us crazy. I read the paragraph over & over. I read it backwards. I rearranged the letters to form new words in my mind. She was frustrated. I was seeing double. I decided it must be a cruel joke. There aren't really X number of words in this thing after all. Whoever created it just wants to drive us all mad. I finally gave up and went to bed. T. may still be at it, for all I know.

That puzzle is way too much like life for many of us, Lord. A nonsense paragraph with all the right words hidden within it. Some people even see You as a cruel puzzle-master instead of a loving Father. They think you created this earth, created life, then walked away and said, "Figure it out if you can."

Sometimes my life IS a puzzle. Sometimes I have to agonize to fit the pieces together or to find the right combinations of letters. But I refuse to believe that You would create us in Your image, then walk away to find a new toy. You've given us Your handiwork to point us to You, Your Word to guide us, and Your Son to make a way for us to survive life on this planet with joy, purpose, and peace and to give us eternal life with You.


Maybe that puzzle IS somebody's idea of a joke. But I'm no jokester, Little One. You - and everyone around you - are precious to Me. You are an extension of My heart. You are My darlings. I wouldn't toss you out into life to struggle along on your own. Never. I'm nearer than many people think. If they would just call on Me. Trust Me. Take Jesus into their lives. Then they'll see things differently. The puzzle will slowly start to make sense.