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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One Body


Good Morning, Lord. It's going to rain today. I can tell because this body You gave me has built in weather-sensitive devises. I'm really grateful for the excellent health You have given me. But, on days like this, my body feels 99 years old. Stiff, sore, painful literally from my head to my toes. I'm just thankful I don't feel this way all the time; some people do. Help them through each day, Lord.

On days like this my body is very uncooperative. The muscles seem to work against each other. Reminds me of some organizations - and even some churches - I've known. The individual members can't seem to pull together. Each member wants things to go her or his way. The resulting actions are stiff and disjointed, slow and unproductive.

I enjoy watching classical ballet. The fluid grace of the dancer's movements and the apparent ease of the performance are a beautiful example of all the members of a body cooperating. I'm amazed at the same graceful, accomplished movements when I watch gymnasts perform. They make nearly impossible feats look easy. Because the members of their body have been trained to work together seamlessly through hundreds (or thousands) of hours of practice.

It's also a beautiful thing to see a team of people working seamlessly together. Whatever their task or their objective, when they move and think and act as one it is as beautiful as a precision drill team.

Help me to cooperate with whatever "team" you assign me to, Lord. Not to march to my own beat, but to be a harmonious part of the beautiful whole.


If every individual member of the Body of Christ will keep in step with My Spirit you will live and move and act as one. And, yes, it is a beautiful thing for Me to see.