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Thursday, May 1, 2008

National Day of Prayer


This is the National Day of Prayer, Lord. At noon millions of Americans will gather across our nation to pray. Lord, I ask You to hear our prayers and turn the tide of immorality, self-absorbtion, hedonism, materialism, and pluralism in our country.

Lord, make me painfully aware of my own personal brand of sin in my life. Forgive me. Make me personally pure and holy.

Lord, call every Christian in America to repent and turn from our personal sins so that we might fight against our national sins with pure hearts.

Lord, guide our leaders - national, state, and local leaders. Lord, hold their hearts in Your mighty hands. Members of the Judiciary. Members of the Legislature. Members of the Executive branches of our governments.

This is an election year, Lord. You already know who is going to win every race. I ask You to place Your choices in the elected positions in our country so that they will guide us back to morality, responsibility, and sanity in our land.

For many years we seem to have equivocated being American and being Christian. That isn't so. Lord, I beg You to call us back to Yourself. Back to worshipping You, Jehovah God, alone.

I pray for our service personnel who are, at this moment, in harm's way protecting us. I pray You will be their protection and shelter. I pray they will see You working on the battlefields of this world. I pray You will bring each one home soon, safe, and successful in the war against terrorism. I pray Good will prevail. I pray You will comfort, defend, and provide for their families.

I pray You will intercede for the innocents, for the defenseless, for the victims in this war and in our American society. I pray that Right will prevail in our homeland and Evil will be defeated.

Thank You for listening to our pleas. Now I ask You to do everything for Your glory, for Your honor, according to Your plan for our country and for this world that You created.

In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen