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Monday, May 5, 2008

The Miracle Provider


This morning, Lord, I was reading Mark's record of Jesus' miraculous feeding of the multitude. The crowds followed Him because they saw the miracles He performed. Even when Jesus tried to be alone they found Him out and surrounded Him. After He fed them Mark says they wanted to seize Him, carry Him into Jerusalem and proclaim Him as King somehow. They wanted the miracles, but they couldn't see any deeper than the things Jesus miraculously provided.

I hope people see Your miracles in my life, Lord. You perform them daily before my eyes. So many details of our life - our finances, our home, J.'s survival through several near death incidents, our children and grandchildren, Your calling for us, the peace You give us, my good health, friends, our vehicle, our church - the miraculous is an every day thing to us. Your fingerprints are all over our life.

Lord, I pray people will see Your fingerprints and notice You instead of the miraculous thing. I pray they'll see deeper than Your miraculous provision, to You, the Miracle Provider. I pray the ways You take care of J. and me will always point people to Jesus.

I hope and pray the people who watch our life will want Jesus to fill their hearts, not just their bellies or their wallets.


Me, too, Little One. That's the whole point of your life on earth - to draw others to Jesus.