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Thursday, May 22, 2008



Yesterday I was tutoring my GED student. I'm really proud of her, Lord. She's working hard and she has only one more test to go. But it's the hardest one for her - math. While explaining some basic operations to her I was talking about metacognition. You know, the mental process of thinking about thinking - of being consciously aware of the mental steps we take when we're thinking through something. I hope it will make her more aware of her own thought processes that enable her to come up with the right answers.

Over the past few days I've also been spending time in Psalms. They are songs and they are prayers and they are sermons, too. Repeatedly the psalmist prays about his prayers and about Your answers. And it struck me as being similar to metacognition. When I pray about my prayer life I become more aware of what I'm saying to You. What I'm asking for. What I'm expecting from You. And, even, what You are expecting from me.

Lord, I want our conversations to be like those of a couple who have been married for so long that they not only anticipate what the other will say, they also anticipate each other's thoughts. They can communicate with a nod or a glance. They disagree a lot less than when their relationship was budding, because each one knows what to ask the other and how to ask it to get the right answers.

Teach me to anticipate Your answers to my questions. Teach me to anticipate Your plan, Your will and thus pray only within Your will. Help me to recognize and understand Your nod, Your glance. Help me to pray so that I not only recognize Your right answers, but I desire and pray only for Your right answers. Am I making any sense, God?


Yes, I understand exactly what you mean. Jesus said, "Not My will, Father, but thine be done." Isn't that what you're asking for, Little One? For your will to be congruent to Mine?

You're making progress, Little One. You're getting there.