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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Message In A Dream


I had a very disturbing dream last night, Lord. I seldom recall my dreams, but I awoke early (4 a.m.) with a clear memory of this one. I awoke with a sense of foreboding and doom. Each time I tried to fall asleep the images of the dream paraded through my mind again. You know the details, Lord. Suffice it to say it was about our children and grandchildren and it wasn't a happy dream.

I thank You for the wonderful children You blessed us with. And our grandchildren! Of course J. and I think they are as close to perfect as any child could ever be - You know better, don't You? But they are beautiful and healthy. They are eager and quick to learn. They are polite (most of the time) and respectful. So much to thank You for. So much potential stored up in those 5 lives.

Lord, that dream left me with a sense of grave responsibility to our grandchildren. A sense of MY responsibility to see that they learn about You while they are small. A sense of urgency to teach them their responsibility to You, their need to accept Christ as Savior and to cultivate a loving relationship with You. A sense of MY responsibility as their Meme to SHOW them how to love You.

I also awoke feeling like time is running out. Are You trying to get my attention through this defragging of my imagination, Lord?


When I have a message for you, or for anyone, I will get that person's attention any way that I can, Little One. Different methods work for different people, you know. You have to discern whether or not it's My voice you're hearing. Whether or not it's My message that's tapping on the door of your heart, weighing heavy on your mind.

Just compare that message to those I've recorded in My Word. If a message (regardless of where it comes from) lines up with the Bible give it the attention it deserves. If not, if it contradicts My Word or confuses the messages in My Word, ignore it. Throw it out.

My Word is sure. My Word will stand forever.