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Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Dear Readers, to read true stories of American heroes in WWII please follow this link.


I want to thank you, Lord, for the freedoms we enjoy in our country. On this Memorial Day I especially thank you for the thousands of men and women who have given their last full measure of devotion that we might enjoy the freedoms we so generally take for granted.

My Daddy went to Europe to fight in World War II. I am thankful that he and his brothers came home alive. So many young men didn't, Lord. Their families and friends who surrendered them to the ground paid a grievous price.

25 years later my husband, J. joined thousands of American troops in Viet Nam. I am grateful that he survived his tour and came home alive. Thank you. I am ashamed of us Americans for the disgraceful way many of us treated those heroes of freedom. Forgive us.

40 years later our son, D., joined the ranks to serve his country in Iraq. Thank you, that he came home on his feet and with honor. It seems that one thing we Americans learned from Viet Nam is that our military personnel are to be honored, supported, prayed for, and welcomed home with all the fanfare we can muster.

War exacts a terrible price. So many die. So many are maimed, crippled, and disabled to keep evil at bay and away from our shores. So many come home like my Daddy did. His body was riddled with schrapnel. And his mind and emotions were haunted by the sights, sounds, and even the smells of battle for the next 50 years. He battled nightmares and an eruptive temper for as long as I can remember. He fought against and conquered alcohol and a dependence on morphine from the months he spent in a field hospital in England. He lived with hyper vigilance - always on alert, always watching for any possible danger that might appear, always in protective mode. It's another price a few must pay so that many might live free.

Father, today I pray for the families who have buried their fallen heroes from Afghanistan and Iraq. Lord, give them comfort and courage to face their own private battles.


It is good for you to live in gratitude and to express it openly and often, Little One. To me and to those who have paved the way of freedom with their blood.