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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Make Yourself At Home


We had an overnight guest in our home last weekend. We had met once before about 6 months ago. But she and I "clicked", Lord. I feel comfortable around her and she feels comfortable around me. When she came in Friday night I welcomed her with a big hug, and instantly she made herself at home.

We stayed up late working on a project, ate ice cream and cookies, talked, and laughed long past my normal bedtime. I love it when guests feel at home here. I like it when they kick off their shoes or rummage through the refrigerator. I want the house we live in to feel like "home" not only to us, but to everyone who crosses the threshold.

You want that, too, don't You, God? You want us to feel "at home" in You. To feel that we belong. To feel that we have the right to wander around, open doors, and feast on whatever we find in Your refrigerator. Thank You for making me feel at home, comfortable, secure, welcomed in You.


Just rest your head on My shoulder, Little One. My arms are stretched wide open waiting for those around you to snuggle up next to My heart, too. I'm waiting for them to fling themselves upon Me. I'm waiting for so many folks to come Home to Me.