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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Leave The Door Ajar


Thank you, Lord, for last Saturday. I spent a busy but wonderful day in the company of other children's writers. Having that sole fact in common somehow turns a room full of children's writers into a room full of friends. The camaraderie is instant.

But one of those ladies is a dear friend. She lights up a room when she enters. She's almost always smiling, enthusiastic, and positive. She's the kind of person who draws and welcomes other people into her heart. Any contact with her leaves me feeling better, happier. She is what my Mama always called "a ray of sunshine."

Lord, I want that. You know, Lord, that I'm not a bubbly, bouncy, giggly person by nature. But, I want to be a person who draws other people in, then pulls the best out of them. I want to exude joy and enthusiasm. I want to welcome people into my life. When people bump into me I want some of the joy inside me to rub off on them.


You've come a long way in recent years, Little One. You've opened up your heart a great deal to letting people into your life. Now, we have to work on letting the door swing both ways. I can see deep inside your heart. I see the joy dancing around in there. But other people can't do that. Pull the shades up, leave the door ajar, and let the joy that is within you radiate from you.

Your joy can shed light and warmth onto other people's lives, too.