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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Know Who Holds Tomorrow


Lord, so many disasters have hit the news the past few days. The destruction in Myanmar, the huge earthquake in China, a record number of tornadoes ripping through the southeast, the midwest, and the southwest US. Terrible death tolls. Unimaginable destruction of property. It could make a person anxious and frightened to just watch the TV news.

How blessed we Christians are to have Your peace that fills us even when the world around us is in turmoil. The Psalms are loaded with promises and reassurances that You are with us. You are taking care of us. You are in control of everything that happens on this earth. How great and wonderful You are, God. How comforting to know that I am constantly held in the hollow of Your hands.

I can remember all through my nearly 60 years hearing my Daddy and my Mama sing and hum this song repeatedly. It's messge has been a comfort to both of them, and to me, too.
I don't know about tomorrow,
I just live from day to day.
I don't borrow from its sunshine,
For its skies may turn to gray.
I don't worry o'er the future,
For I know what Jesus said.
And today He walks beside me,
For He knows what is ahead.

Many things about tomorrow,
I don't seem to understand.
But I know Who holds tomorrow,
And I know Who holds my hand.


You can't live your life by any greater philosophy than that, Little One. You don't have to hold on to the present. You don't have to fix the future. You don't have to hold on to Me, either. I have a firm hold on you.