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Monday, May 19, 2008



Lord, this morning my heart is focused on T. and Z. You know all about their situation. And You have the solution. Would You please reveal it to them today?

This life is filled with chaos and pain, isn't it? it's unfair. Its complications swirl around us until we are often sucked under by it. We look at the mess spinning around us and ask, "Why?"

We look inside ourselves and ask, "Why?"

We even look to You, Lord, and ask, "Why?"

But most of the time "Why?" isn't the right question to be asking. If You told us why we still wouldn't understand. We still couldn't resolve the issue. We still couldn't heal the breach or untangle the mess, even if we knew why.

I've lived in chaos before, Lord. Through it You taught me that the better question is, "What now, Lord? Where do I go, what do I do, from here?"


My ways are so much higher than your ways. My wisdom is unsearchable and beyond your ability to understand. Though My ways often lead through pain they ultimately lead to peace and joy and health and wisdom. If you seek Me, instead of My solutions, you'll find Me.

I am joy in the midst of pain. I am peace in the midst of chaos. I am life in the midst of death.