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Friday, May 16, 2008

Are You Ready?


Another disaster has struck, Lord. But, You already know that, don't You? I think about the people of Myanmar - something like 100,000 dead from that storm and another one is headed for that same peninsula. 100,000 people. 100,000 souls.

Now, that massive earthquake in China. Yesterday morning the count of those dead was 19,500. So many people buried, unaccounted for. With each tick of the clock the heart of another victim stops beating. The Chinese government said they expect the total to be more than 50,000. 50,000 people. 50,000 souls.

Lord, create in me a sense of urgency to spread Your Word and the Gospel message of Jesus to the ends of the earth. I don't want to be comfortable and satisfied with my easy life in my little corner of the world. Make me feel the urgency - the emergency - of getting the Good News of Jesus to the far corners of China, SE Asia, Africa, South America, Middle America, Europe, Asia, Siberia, the Middle East, and into the dark and lonely crevices here in North America, too.

150,000 souls swept into eternity. I wonder how many of them know Jesus as their Savior? How many of them are at rest with You now? How many have entered an eternity of torment?


It doesn't take a typhoon or an earthquake to send people into eternity. With every tick of the clock thousands of people leave this world. Heaven or hell awaits them. You want urgency? That will cost you something, Little One. Spreading the Gospel is expensive. It's going to cost you some of that money you have. It's going to cost you time. Time spent traveling. Time spent praying. Time spent rallying other Christians. Time spent teaching and counseling and writing. It's going to cost you some of those luxuries that you think are necessities in your life. It's going to cost you relationships. It might even cost you your health. Don't ask Me for a sense of urgency to spread the Gospel unless you really want it, unless you're ready to pay what it will cost you.

You've heard it said before: "Be careful what you ask God for; He might just give it to you." Are you ready for it?