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Monday, April 28, 2008

The Rest Of The Day


Good morning, Lord. I'm up, but I'm sure not awake. This is a nice motel. The bed was firm - the way I like them. The pillows were great. But my body didn't rest at all last night. So, I start the day with a deficit. Please energize me somehow. I guess I'll need an in-flight refuel today, God.

Sleep is such a wonderful gift. You designed our bodies to recharge and repair while we sleep. You designed our minds to recycle the day's stimuli and experiences, reshuffle them, reprocess them, file them away so we can access them when needed. All while we sleep.

I choose to thank You and praise You whether I get a restful night's sleep or not. Maybe I can sneak a little nap in this afternoon while J. is in recovery.

We ARE fearfully and wonderfully made, God. The intricacies of our body systems and functions are awe inspiring to me. You ARE amazing, God. You ARE glorious. You ARE the Most High God.


Thank you, Little One. Your gratitude and attitude gives me great pleasure. Carry those thoughts with you throughout the rest of this day; they will give you the rest of spirit that you need.