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Friday, April 4, 2008

Our Great God


I've been studying some of the Psalms in the Bible lately and I keep seeing the term "Selah." I love that word! My Amplified Bible explains it as "Stop and clamly, quietly think about that." So, this morning I want to stop and quietly, calmly think about one of your aspects, God. I'm thinking and listening and praising you for your greatness.

You are so great in size that the entire, infinite universe cannot contain you, yet you are so great in power that you can make yourself smaller than a grain of sand and indwell Mary's womb. You are greater than all the forces of nature combined. Your love is greater than every demon of hell catapulted against us at once. Your forgiveness is broader and deeper and wider than the infinite canvas that displays all the heavenly bodies.

You are great in compassion and mercy. You are great in faithfulness and grace. Lord, you are great in wisdom and have all knowledge of all things. Nothing can be hidden from you. You are great in your understanding. Your great, infinite existence breaches the barriers of time and space. Those things are limits that you placed on this, your creation. But nothing can limit you.

We try to reason them out, intellectually dissect them and figure out the laws of nature that you dreamed up and set into motion. The more we develop our technology so that we can study the measureless expanse of this universe the more we begin to comprehend that you are incomprehendable.

The more we fine tune our technology and science of studying the infinite micro universe the more amazed we are at your infinite concern for the submicroscopic details of your creation.

Your greatness is so complete that it - and you - are unsearchable, unchangeable, and unstoppable. When a quadrillion eons have passed your infinite greatness will just be beginning. None can compare to you. All the adjectives of all the languages of this earth cannot begin to express one iota of your greatness anymore than one grain of sand can hold back the mammoth oceans.

And you have chosen to live within my heart.


I created each of you and all that the universe contains for My pleasure and My glory. So, it gives Me great pleasure when you stop and calmly, quietly think about Me.

I can never stop thinking about you.