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Friday, April 25, 2008

My Yoke


Last night, Lord, at church I heard a presentation about finding rest in our hurried lives. The speaker, Nancy McGuirk, was entertaining and poignant. She said Pause + Prayer = Peace.

I remember all the years I ran around serving You and other people like a decapitated chicken. I was so busy I didn't leave any time to pause, meditate on You, listen to You. I was in a perpetual spin, no time for rest. I was doing a lot of good things, but I eventually ran out of fuel and collapsed. It took me 3 years to recover. I know You remember that, Lord. You held my hand and refilled my spirit during that time. Thank You.

Rest - it's an absence of inner turmoil. It enables me to work hard and long without collapsing in exhaustion. It allows me to handle multiple projects without being in a tizzy. And that rest is a result of learning about You and from You, and relying totally on You.


A wooden yoke is hollowed out to fit comfortably on the shoulders of the oxen. My yoke is easy for you. I make sure it fits you well. And remember, I'm under that yoke with you. I make your load lighter and easier because I'm pulling with you. Let Me take the lead. Don't pull against Me. And I will give you a life of inner rest.