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Monday, April 21, 2008

Little Peaches!


Oh, thank you, God! It might seem ridiculous to other people, but I am grateful that my little peach tree is covered with tiny peaches. The blooms survived that last freeze we had. And these baby peaches survived that cold punch we had last week. I'm watching them grow and waiting with anticipation for July when they'll ripen and blush. I can almost taste that first peach.

For 3 1/2 years I've invested time, money, and labor into that tree. It's rewarding - no, exhilarating - to see the fruits of my labor maturing before my eyes. To know that You put them there and that I have helped them not just survive, but develop and mature, is rewarding.

I get the same thrill when I look at our adult children. They are ripening before my eyes and I'm proud of the adults they're becoming. J. and I invested so much of ourselves in them. It's thrilling to see that some of the things we tried to teach took root.

And our grand children. Watching them grow is an even greater thrill. How can that be?

This year you've allowed me to see the same thing in several friends. You brought them into my life years ago so that I could invest in them. So I could encourage them, pray with them and for them, share their burdens and sorrows. This year I'm watching them ripen and blush. It's exciting to see You pick them and relocate them to live in new places and relationships of service to You.

I get such a thrill out of watching You change their lives right in front of my eyes. I love it, God!


Delicate fruit the color of sunshine mingled with roses. You can hardly wait to enjoy the first juicy, sweet bite. I know that feeling well, Little One. I experience it again and again as I watch each of you growing, maturing, fulfilling the purpose for which I created you.

You are My little peaches.