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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Like Daniel


Lord, I come to you this morning to intercede for the millions of people who worship false "gods". The common, ordinary people who have never heard the truth of Your Word or whose understanding has been blinded by their cultures and religions. They claim to have the only way to you, but they discount Jesus. I pray that you will send your Light to them through visions and missionaries. I pray that we Christians in this country will tell them about Jesus and show them Jesus in our lives. I pray these people will turn to Christ and be saved by the millions.

Lord, I also pray for a very influential and powerful woman in our country today. I heard her speak about being raised in a Baptist church and seeking for something better without all that doctrine. I heard her say that she read a book that enlightened her and now she knows that there are many paths to, and many interpretations of, what we call "God". She has millions of followers. I pray that you will silence such heresy. I pray that you will end her influence or that you will save her soul so that she will draw people to Christ instead of to her version of New Age-ism.

Lord, help us not to be frightened by things we glimpse on the horizon of time. Help us not to cower but to be filled with your Spirit and to live our lives for Christ with boldness and with integrity. Help us to choose to live what we know is true like Daniel did.


Do you understand what you are praying for, Little One? You want to be a Daniel? He was a man of power and influence in a totally heathen society. He lived with great victory, but he faced lions in the process. If you want to live like Daniel in Godless times you'd better start practicing up right now. Daniel lived in victory because he purposed it in his heart long before he heard the lions roar.

Have you?