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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Refuge


This morning I was reading Psalm 71, Lord. Several times David calls you his refuge. Thank you, that you are my refuge - my hiding place.

You are my safe place to rest when life is exhausting. My place of shelter from the storms of life. You offer me a place to hide, not from life, but from my enemy who stirs up the storms. Not a place to hide from other people, but from my real enemy - Satan and his demons.

The people who might attack me, wound me, or abuse me are not my real enemies. Behind every attack is the Devil himself stirring up trouble. Lord, thank you, that I can run to you and duck into your safety. When I curl up in You I can rest. I can recover from the battles. I can eat and drink of your Word and be refreshed.

Why? So I can go out and face the enemy again. Curling up in your arms is not permanent while I live this life. I curl up in your arms to be encouraged and refreshed - for the battle.

Hide me, refresh me, strengthen me, give me fresh supplies and munitions so I can go out and face whatever Satan bombards me with, Lord. Help me to fight valiantly Satan's attacks until it is time for me to run into your arms in eternity.


I'm here for you, Little One. When you need a safe place to regroup run to Me. I'm waiting with open arms.