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Tuesday, April 22, 2008



Good morning, Lord. I'm coming to you this morning asking for wisdom. I have a writing assignment for this week and I'm reaching for inspiration. I can't seem to come up with a brilliant idea for this particular assignment. I asked you to bless me with this writing opportunity and you did. Now I'm asking you to give me the inspiration I need to complete it.

It seems that I'm always asking you for something, doesn't it? But that's because I am totally helpless without you, Lord. Without you I can do nothing. I acknowledge that you have all power, all knowledge, all ability and authority over this universe and over my individual life. Even over this publication and my little assignment.

Lord, I ask you to fill my mind with your thoughts as I work. Without your help my words will be just chicken scratchings.

I need inspiration - I need for you to breathe life into words as I jumble them together on paper, Lord.


When you ask for anything that is part of my plans and desires for you, Little One, I will give it to you. You need help with this task? I'll give it. But don't sit and stare at the computer screen. Get up, go about your daily tasks with your eyes and ears open. Be waiting and expecting Me to speak to you at any moment. I will. I'll send the right spark to ignite that imagination I gave you. It will do the rest. It's one of My gifts to you. Use it well.