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Wednesday, April 23, 2008



I have a problem, God. I was doing research on the Internet yesterday and found another site titled "Conversations with God". I assumed the phrase wasn't unique to me, but when I read through this site I became irritated, then sad. I had forgotten all about a very controversial book entitled Conversations with God. The site and the book are by the same person.

I became upset because the book and the site are not about You at all, are they? They tout heresy. The person who wrote the book teaches and promotes New Ageism. He teaches that each of us is God. He teaches that we must become one with the universe and elevate our spiritual consciousness to achieve our highest purpose for existence and to usher in a New Age on this planet. He's part of a prominent, ungodly movement. He's not having conversations with You at all. His use of your Name is a lie.

Lord, I pray for this man. I pray that You will conquer his heart and that You will make such a dramatic change in his philosophy and life that it will bring glory and honor to YOU. I pray he'll spend the rest of his life trying to undo the damage he has done. I pray for the multitudes of people who embrace the garbage he rolls out to wake up. I pray they will see through the lies and turn from their heretical beliefs.


That's a tall order, Little One. Heresy is all around you. This teacher isn't the only one spewing out garbage. I want to save him - all of them. But, remember this. The choice is theirs. I will not force My love and My salvation on anyone. I created each of you with a free will so that you can choose to love Me, choose to accept My salvation through My Son. Or not.