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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Healthy Circulation


We're home again. Thank You, Lord, for another safe journey. We're grateful that You are mindful of our comings and goings. I'm grateful, too, that J. is handling some disappointing news from the doctors very well. He's not happy about it, but he's trusting that You have a better plan.

J. has diabetes. But, You already know that, don't You? We are grateful for all You do in our lives, Lord. But, I'm afraid we haven't reached the point yet of thanking You for his diabetes. It's an insidious disease that slowly destroys our body systems. It does that by destroying our vascular system. Without the nourishment and oxygen that comes with good blood flow the various body systems suffer, weaken, and become ineffective.

For us Christians it is a great picture of sin. It creeps through our lives slowly destroying our spiritual health. One of the primary ways it does this is by destroying our connection to You, Lord. It causes a breakdown in the flow of communication - in the fellowship - between us and Your Holy Spirit. When that fellowship breaks down our other relationships suffer, too. Bit by bit we lose our effectiveness as Christians. We lose our purity. We lose our joy. We lose our sensitivity, our kindness, our zeal, our empathy for others.

Lord, I want to keep my spiritual circulatory system healthy. I want Your Spirit to have free flow in every part of my life.


I am the Vine. You are My branches. If you remain connected to Me so that the life that is in Me flows freely into you, then your life will be fruitful and filled with joy, sensitivity, kindness, zeal, empathy. Like the branches of a healthy grape vine, your life will hang heavy with effectiveness for My Kingdom. Remain in Me. Stay connected and dependent on Me.