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Tuesday, April 1, 2008



Lord, I'm full of gratitude this morning. I have been the past few days and it keeps running over and leaking out my eyes. You've answered a prayer that I've been begging you to answer. A few close friends and I have been praying for this to happen for years. A few weeks ago the time was ripe. Everything was in place. And you sent this thing we've been praying for.

I can't say, "thank you" enough. My gratitude swells up inside me and without warning I cry. It's not a sad crying; it's a glad crying. I'm glad that you are merciful and kind and gracious and forgiving and that you take pity on us. I'm glad that you have answered this particular prayer.

Did I say, "thank you"? It just doesn't seem to be enough to simply say, "thank you."


Oh, how it thrills Me to grant your requests. I love seeing you happy and grateful. I love your expressions of gratitude, Little One. I love your tears of joy. My love for you - each one of you - far exceeds your ability to comprehend. I'm delighted that your gratitude far exceeds your ability to express it.