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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Drops of Mercy


Yesterday was a rainy, nasty kind of day, Lord. I hope it rained at home all day long like it did here. I hope I never complain about rain again. I hope that I remember our drought of 2007 anytime I'm tempted to grumble. Thank you for every drop that falls.

Thank You, too, Lord, for every drop of mercy You send to us. Yesterday's medical procedure didn't go as we had hoped for J. Today the doctors will talk with us about the next step. We're falling into Your arms knowing that Your grace will give us what we need, and Your mercy will withhold what we don't need in our lives.

J. has struggled with many health issues over the years. It's difficult to understand why some people's bodies plague them with malfunctioning systems year after year. Others, like me, live in strong, healthy bodies. But we trust You to know what is the best scenario for J. and for me, too.

Be glorified, Lord. That's my prayer, that You will be glorified in each little incident of our lives.


When it rains in great sheets like yesterday it seems that surely the heavens will be depleted, doesn't it? But, I designed a system for replenishing the clouds and rain, for refilling the ponds, lakes, and seas. My supply of mercy works similarly. It will never be depleted. There is always enough mercy for your needs, and for J.'s, too. Trust Me, Child, one drop of mercy and grace at a time.