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Monday, April 14, 2008

A Doer Of The Word


Pastor's sermon yesterday was a thought provoking take on Mark 4, Lord. I drew 3 big conclusions from it:

(1) Light can't help but shine. That's what it was created to do. To stop light from shining I have to cram it underneath a bed.

(2) Seeds can't help but grow because that's what you created and programmed them to do. If I throw them onto half-way decent soil they'll take root and grow.

(3) The elements (the wind and the waves) can't help but obey your voice. In your whisper they recognize your power and authority over them.

So, what about me? Why am I not shining? Why am I not growing? Why am I not obeying?


I see you got the message in My Word yesterday, Little One. My servant made it pretty clear to you, didn't he? So, tell Me, have you decided to be a doer, or just a hearer, of The Word? The choice is yours.