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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Cross


Thank you for the cross, Lord. Thank you for hanging there, suspended between heaven and earth for my sin. For our sin. Thank you that you hung there stripped of your glory, naked, humiliated in my place.

Thank you for the power of the cross, Lord. It isn't a mere symbol of our faith. It isn't simply an ornament to wear around our necks or on our lapels. It is a reminder of the tremendous price you paid for our salvation. It isn't your official logo. It is the dividing line of human history. A stake pounded into the property line of time. Before Christ - before the cross. And after Christ and the cross.

It is a dividing line for all humanity, also. Those of us who accept your work on the cross eternally stand on one side. Those who do not will forever stand on the other side.

It is the power of your sacrifice on the cross that cleanses our sin and rescues us from our self-centeredness. It rescues us from living lives that spiral ever inward. It rescues us from eternal separation from you.

Thank you for the cross, Lord. Its shame and grotesque nature repel us, but your extravagant love poured out on the cross draws us.


You are so welcomed, Little Sister. The price was great, but it was worth all it cost.