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Friday, April 11, 2008

Blast The Darkness


Lord, you are Light. Thank you that you shine into the depths of my heart and soul to reveal to me the ugliness of my own sin. Help me never to close my eyes when you are doing that. Help me to see my sin for what it is - ugly, selfish, destructive. Help me to see it, confess, it, and turn away from it.

Lord, you are Light. Thank you that you can rip through the darkness around me. It seems that the culture I live in is becoming darker each day. Missionaries try to tell us how thick and heavy the darkness is in other parts of the world. Help me to remember that the deeper the darkness, the brighter your light will appear.

I was reading this morning, Lord, in Voices of the Faithful. The entry closes with this: "May the Lord be with you today. May you love those who are difficult to love. May you forgive others. May your light blast the darkness around you. God is with us!"

Make my life blast through the darkness around me, Lord.


Remember reading about that little Greek word dunamis ? It means power. Your word dynamite comes from that word. To those whom I call, Christ is the power - the dynamite - and the wisdom of God within them. You didn't realize you were carrying heavy explosives around with you, did you? Heavy explosives to dynamite the darkness of this world. Place it strategically, light the charges, then watch My power open up the darkness.