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Friday, April 18, 2008

Attitude Sins


Thank you, Lord, for another safe trip to and from yet another doctor's appointment for J. We are both grateful, Lord, for the VA medical services. Without their help J. and I would be in desperate financial shape; he has so many health problems. Thank you.

Yesterday I spent the day in the hospital waiting room reading about "respectable sins" that we Christians tolerate in our lives. We don't even consider some of the actions and attitudes discussed in this book to be sins. We think they are personality traits or social maladjustments or part of our culture. Lord, I recognize some of my own propensities in this book and I don't like it.

I don't want to tolerate any attitude or action in my own life that is unlike Jesus. I don't want to gloss over anything in my life that is not godly. I ask you to make me aware of those things so I can confess them and be forgiven. Make me conscious of those things so I can correct or avoid them in myself.

I want to be holy and to have an undivided heart that is wholly devoted to you, Lord.


Those attitude sins are subtle, aren't they? They get stuck in the tiny cracks of your life and you can't even see them in yourself until the light of My Word and My Holiness shines directly into those little cracks. Seeing those subtle sins in others is easy. Seeing them in yourself is tricky.

But, once you see the pride, or the judgementalism, or the unteachableness, or the unforgiveness, or the unthankfulness, or the anxiety and fearfulness, or the discontentedness - you can't tolerate them in yourself anymore.

Confess. Repent. Be forgiven. Replace those attitudes with positive ones you'll find in the Bible. And grow. Grow more like Jesus.