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Thursday, April 3, 2008

All the Way Home


I’m traveling this morning, Lord. I’ll be on the road six hours to pick J. up from the Blind Rehab Center and bring him back home. I ask you to go before us on the roads and open up a safe, straight way for us. We have such broad, well-maintained roads in our country and we drive safe, efficient vehicles. So, many forget to ask for your protection as we travel. Help us, Lord, to remember that it’s YOU – not the DOT or the Big Three – who keeps us safe as we come and go.


I’ll be traveling with you, Little One, all the way there and back home again.

You know, this little trip is something like your life on this earth. It, too, is a journey. And I am the One who goes before you making sure the road is safe and the way is clear in your life. I want to help you stay on the path I’ve chosen for you. That's the safest way to make it to your destination and all the way Home. Watch for the road signs I've put up. Be sure your tank is full. Scoot over. I'll even do the driving for you.