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Monday, March 31, 2008

Toppling Over


Yesterday in Sunday School we studied King David's plummet into heinous sin with Bathsheba. He was Israel's greatest king. He was a man wildly in love with you. And he was a man whom you loved passionately. Then, through a series of his own selfish choices he tumbled into a dark pit of sin - adultery, deceit, lies, murder, and abuse of power. We all agreed that, if David could do it, so could each of us.

God, David's sin, my sin, all sin, starts with selfish thoughts. Thoughts that center on what I want, what I think I need, what I will do for me. Deliver me from such thoughts. Holy Spirit of God, throw a red flag in front of my face any time my thoughts center on me instead of on you. Don't let me go down a slippery slope. Don't let me wander off the path of righteousness. Throw up a road block so I'll stop, consider carefully, and choose obedience to your voice and to your will.

God, deliver me from myself.


Do you remember a toy you had when you were little - a spinning top? You pumped the handle up and down and the brightly colored toy started spinning faster and faster. If you got it going fast enough it stood completely upright and stayed in one spot even though it was spinning around and around. That's because it was centered and balanced. The axis - the center - of that toy stayed upright and in one spot. Only when it slowed down - when it fell outside the forces of nature that held it upright - did it topple over.

Life is pretty much spinning round and round for you - for everyone - isn't it? But, if you'll keep Me at the center of every thought and choice I'll keep you upright and stationary. Upright and in good standing with Me and with other people. Keep Me in dead center of your thoughts, desires, and activities and you won't topple like King David did.