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Monday, March 10, 2008

Time Change


Happy Monday morning, God. This past weekend we did our spring time change thing. I hate it. My body hates it. It will take me a week to get my inner clock to match the outside Daylight Savings Clock. And now we do it a month earlier than we used to. In the fall we'll change back to the other time a month later than we used to. All because "they" say it is better for us. "They" say we get more daylight and thus use less energy. "They" say it gives us more daylight time for work and recreation. I suspect what "they" mean is, it gives us more daylight to spend money. Another boost for our economy.

I wonder who "they" are.

God, I'm so glad you never change. You don't flip-flop about anything. You never have, and you never will. You're already perfect, so you can't change for the better. And, because you're perfect, you won't change for the worse.

You're not fickle. You don't think or act capriciously. You never shift your position. You don't step away nor back peddle. In the Bible you refer to yourself as an immovable rock.

I picture you as something like the axis of the earth. Everything in time and space revolves around you.


Yes, Little One. Let me be the center, the hub, of your life. Let me be the unchanging axis in the hurry-burry of your activities and decisions. When everything else is spinning out of control I'll be right here - right where I've always been and always will be.