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Friday, March 7, 2008

Showing Up


Halelujah! I'm very grateful this morning, Lord, because you showed up yesterday! Wait a minute; I don't mean that exactly the way it sounded. You show up in my life every day. You're consistent and that is one of your most wonderful traits to me.

But yesterday you showed your work by answering several prayers so visibly for me. J. arrived safe and sound and was getting settled in last night. Thank you.

I talked with K. and she and the children have found a church home - a place they love and are enthusiastic about attending. That's been a huge item in my prayers for quite some time. Thank you, again.

I got a lot of writing done yesterday. I've been asking you for some uninterrupted time and now I have it for a few days. Thank you, thank you.

And our grandbaby, D.L. has been sick a few days. But he saw some doctors yesterday who eliminated one of our major concerns. They're confident it's just a viral something-or-other. Thank you, God.

And our son, D. is happy because you answered our prayers and granted his request about his job assignment.

Now that I stop and think about it - I got word yesterday that another person on my prayer list is recovering well from an auto accident. And the day before my neighbor told me that you have sent a buyer for their home and they should close next week - we've been praying for that for months.

And last night you kept us all safe in our beds and at our jobs. Big 'thank you' for that.

And I saw a little hint yesterday that you're slowly answering one of my prayers for T.

Oh! plus, last night you showed me that you're changing my heart and mind about a certain thing I've been praying about.

Thank you, Lord, for intervening in our lives in such ways that we can KNOW it is you working out the details for our good.


Keep your eyes and ears open, Little One. Pay attention to the details in your life and you'll see me "showing up" in so many ways. I don't always blow a big trumpet and announce it, that's all.